The social media network designed for college and university students to easily connect and painlessly get help with their startups.

We are based out of the University of Denver (DU) where we are connecting students across campus and enabling them to get the help and skills they need.

find team members for your startup

Startups & Ideas

Post a description of your idea that you are comfortable sharing. Include the skills that are needed so students with matching skills can connect with you and your team – at your own discretion.

use your skills to help create startups


Find startups that you and your skills would benefit. Connect and start turning that idea into a reality. You can also post about your skills and experience so startup founders can reach out to you!

get help with testing & survyes and gaining early adopters

Testing, Surveys, and Early Adopters

We have an area dedicated to helping your startup grow! Post about your business or product to get help testing and finding early adopters. Also, post any surveys or questions you have to help get the data needed.

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